July 19th, 2021 | Sterling

Introducing Looker – Our New Advance Reporting And Analytics Tool

With more people working from home than ever before, remote work is expected to continue on its growth trajectory and become a mainstay of the working world. Recruitment and hiring processes will therefore also need to evolve to meet the changing needs of businesses.

We expect some of the future needs to be:

  • a more transparent recruitment and hiring process
  • global and streamlined hiring programs integrated into existing systems
  • better hiring metrics, and
  • increased digital capacity to drive efficiencies, deliver on business strategies and generally create a larger impact using technology.

Technology can help with the needs listed above and is developing at pace.

Here at Sterling , we believe in the potential of technology and we are constantly investing in innovation in order to continually improve the delivery of our services.

Say hello to Looker

We are therefore very excited to announce our new advanced reporting and analytics tool, Looker, which incorporates enhanced technology to allow the export of insightful data and reports.

With Looker you’ll be able to take control of your data and use visualisations and informative reporting to extract information that matters to you. Looker will vitally provide you with actionable insights that allow you to make more informed, more data-driven decisions about your screening programs and drive business productivity.

The interface of Looker presents easy-to-use toolbars, along with a suite of interactive and dynamic dashboards that provide comprehensive data insights. This will enable on-time management and optimisation of your screening programs.

What does it really mean for you?

  • Holistic: get a 360-degree view of your background, identity and health screening programs all in one place.
  • Fast: receive real-time updates on your screening requests across multiple devices.
  • Smart: scan your data quickly and infer relationships within the data to provide informative insights.
  • Convenient: access to accurate, configurable reports that are easy to read and comprehend.
  • Easy: interactive dashboards with visualisations, allowing you to drill down into the data, gain more informative insights and understand the whole picture.
  • Personalised: download complete dashboards and datasets to allow for self-service and access when you want it.
  • Real Time Reporting

Don’t wait for problems to come to you – Looker’s data visualisation software makes it easy to detect changes and irregularities within your company data and is represented in an impactful way.

We understand that data matters, but actionable insights matter more.

Make more informed, data-driven decisions for your business and start building effective, action-oriented dashboards and presentations with Looker.

Get in touch today to discuss how you can gain access – contact us on info@sterlingrisq.com

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