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Flexible APIs support screening and identity services.
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API Technology for Robust, Scalable Solutions

Whether you’re an organisations within the sharing economy looking to onboard service providers as quickly and safely as possible, or you’re an employer with a proprietary HR platform, Sterling’s API can help fulfil hiring demand with minimal friction while mitigating the risk of a bad hire. Our technology, coupled with decades of deep industry experience, helps us to empower all companies with global, scalable screening and identity solutions.

Sterling API Benefits

Our API enables companies to grow quickly while building safe communities, managing brand risk, and meeting evolving compliance needs. By integrating directly with our API, you can:
  • Quickly Grow Your Community
    Direct integration into your existing platform, automated processes, and faster turnaround times ensure that you can onboard providers and scale your business faster.
  • Reduce Compliance Risk
    Sterling API delivers robust background screening and identity services – designed with global regulatory requirements in mind that reduce compliance risk.
  • Employ Future-Proof Technology
    Our API is built with modern, RESTful APIs Representational state transfer (REST) is an architectural style that defines a set of constraints to be used for creating web services. Web services that conform to the REST architectural style, called RESTful Web services, provide interoperability between computer systems on the internet. that support rapid integration of background checks into existing applications. Mobile capabilities also support data collection.

Key Features

Fast, Flexible Integration
Quickly and easily integrate background checks into your application with RESTful APIs and a modern technology backbone.
Mobile Support
The Sterling API provides a modern, out-of-the-box mobile application to support data collection and validation for candidates.
Robust Documentation
With interactive documentation, you can select the code snippets you want to use in the language of your choice. You’ll find information on how to set up, run, and test background checks using the Sterling API.

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