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Whether a reference confirms your hopes about a possible employee, reveals a misrepresentation, or highlights poor performance in a previous position, a reference check is a critical step in the hiring process where you can learn important details about your applicant, such as:

  • Were they really a top performer?
  • Did they have great attendance?
  • Is their CV or job application truthful?
  • Are their work history and listed skills accurate?

Conducting thorough reference checks can be time-consuming for hiring managers, but if important questions aren’t asked, you may not get a true picture of your candidate.

66% of hiring employers agreed that candidates exaggerate their resume1
Reliable, Thorough, and Independent Reference Checking
Our reference interviews add depth to a background screening program, by delivering verbatim reports of your candidate’s workplace performance, as described by their former supervisor or manager.
Our rigorously trained interviewers are experts at eliciting thorough responses from referees, adopting a conversational approach throughout the interview with references, and following up on responses with probing questions designed to retrieve the most accurate and detailed information.
Maximise the effectiveness of reference checks so that you can streamline talent acquisition for your hiring team. We’ve never met your candidate and have no bias towards them. Our only focus is to provide you with high-quality, detailed information throughout the reference check process.

Technology to Deliver an Industry Leading Service

Our expert interviewers conduct over 2 million refernce checks each year, but it’s not just our in-depth experience that gives us the edge. By investing in technology, we’ve developed an industry-leading platform to process and deliver reference checks for employers quickly, allowing them to swiftly take the next step with their candidates.


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By providing flexible options, each referee can choose to reply online or by telephone.

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Track and view the progress of each interview, and receive notifications when results become available.

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