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Verify Identity Before Starting a Background Check

Background checks are a vital part of the hiring process, but they are dependent on candidates providing accurate and complete identity information. Whether accidentally or intentionally, candidates sometimes provide inaccurate identity information. This makes verifying candidate-provided data an essential first step in the hiring process to protect your business.

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Identity is Essential to Protect Your Business

Protect your company against identity fraud and inaccurate candidate data in today’s modern workforce.

Inaccurate Candidate Data

Inaccurate data entered by candidates can result in missed criminal records or records that cannot be reported during a background check.

Rising Identity Fraud

Total fraud and identity theft cases have increased 3x in the past decade1 – highlighting the need to verify your candidates are truly who they claim to be.

Remote/Hybrid Workforce Trends

Approximately 50% of the total global workforce is remote or hybrid and adding identity to background screening provides increased confidence.2

1 Identity Theft Statistics from the Federal Trade Commission, 2022-2023. 2 Omdia's Future of Work Report, 2023

A Simple, Trusted Way
to Verify Identity

Before a background check, Sterling makes it easy for candidates to prove who they say they are. We’ve partnered with industry-leading digital identity providers – Yoti (Internationally) and (US) – to create an identity verification offering that easily integrates into your screening program. Verifying candidate data helps confirm the accuracy of details provided for the search, reduces delays due to misinformation, and streamlines the candidate experience.

Reduce Hiring Friction With Identity

Sterling helps reduce friction during hiring and allows you to quickly onboard top talent more effectively and efficiently.

No matter where your candidate is located, leveraging identity verification can help you easily achieve your hiring goals and foster a foundation of trust and safety across your organisation.

The majority of candidates’ identity results are verified in ~90 seconds or less on average.

Sterling Corporate Stats, 2022-2024

Verifying identity first improves data collection and provides more accurate screening results.

Our seamless candidate experience reduces friction and provides an easy way to verify identity anytime, anywhere. With candidate consent, shared identity data automatically extends into the background check.

The Sterling Identity Advantage

Large Network

135+ million candidates are pre-verified in our global digital identity network

Fast Verification

~40% of US candidates in our pre-verified digital identity network completed their identity in ~30 seconds

Improved Accuracy

45% more criminal records on average were uncovered when six Sterling clients added identity

Sterling Corporate Stats, 2022-2024

Verify Candidates
With Ease

From simple identity verification options all the way to NIST 800-63-3/IAL2 proofing standards, Sterling offers an extensive suite of identity methods that helps verify identity quickly and thoroughly by customising to fit your unique business needs and requirements.

Self Service (Most Common, Fastest)
Biographic Data Verification
ID Document Verification
Biometric Facial Recognition with Liveness Detection
Telecom & Device Verification (US Only)
Alternative Methods (Less Common)
Live Video Chat
In-Person Verificaiton

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