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Today’s hiring environment is rapidly changing. HR professionals need a modern, easy-to-use platform to effectively conduct background screening for job candidates and onboard new employees. Sterling’s Client Hub makes it easy for HR professionals to access our robust suite of services while seamlessly managing orders and other hiring tasks.

An Intuitive, Seamless Experience

Sterling’s Client Hub helps accelerate your hiring process in the following ways:
  • Streamline ordering for screening and identity verification services in one central location.
  • Save valuable time with front-and-centre, real-time order status details.
  • Simplify routine tasks with straightforward, technology-enabled workflows that help eliminate manual or paper-based processes.
  • Make hiring decisions confidently with easy-to-read service results in our Order Manager.
  • Easily scale as your hiring needs change over time with flexible options and configurable settings.

Simplify Your Routine

Client Hub’s straightforward, technology-enabled workflows make managing screening tasks easy.
Place Order
Collect required information via our highly-rated Candidate Hub.
Receive Results
Review a concise, clear final report within our Order Manager.
Take Action
Easily initiate any follow-up actions directly from Order Manager.

Make Confident Hiring Decisions

Order Manager makes it easy to review candidate information and service results, all in one place.
  • Navigate orders more efficiently with easy-to-read, colour-based results.
  • View real-time status updates throughout the entire order lifecycle.
  • Initiate required follow-up actions in a few simple clicks.
  • Track actions taken with a detailed Activity Log.

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