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Pre-employment screening is more than filtering out untrustworthy workers and high-risk candidates, the goal of the background check is to find an ideal match for both parties to ensure a positive and fulfilling working relationship through the right screening procedures.

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The scope and nature of your pre-employment screening will depend on the role you are hiring for, as well as the industry in which you operate. Some of the types of checks that can be conducted as part of a pre-employment screening program include:
  • Reference checks
  • Document verification
  • PEP Checks (Politically Exposed Persons)
  • Employment medical checks & health screening
  • AML Checks (Anti Money Laundering)
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency screening
  • Social media background checks
  • Passport and visa verification
  • Financial probity checks
  • Identity verification
  • Right to work checks
  • Adverse media checks
  • Directorship checks
  • Credit checks

Why Conduct Pre-employment Screening and Checks?

There are many benefits of conducting pre-employment screening and checks:

Hiring and recruitment is one of the most time-consuming and costly investments a company can make. Protect this investment by conducting background checks to make the best decision possible with all the information available to you. This investment in the short-term can make a huge difference in the long-term outcome, particularly when hiring senior officials and management-level executives.

Don’t just rely on a candidate’s representation via their CV and their self-provided references. Make sure you are getting the full picture by conducting a thorough employment check to obtain the correct information about a candidate. This helps to ensure that you are choosing candidates that can get the job done.

An employer may have the potential to be held legally liable for an employee’s actions on behalf of the company. This is further incentive to help ensure that you have made the correct hiring decision from the outset to minimise risk in the long-term.

Protect your business and employees from engaging with unsuitable candidates. This minimises the financial and people risk associated with new employees.

There have been many cases in which reputable companies and organisations have been misled by senior officials’ statements about their qualifications. Make sure you protect your company’s reputation from this potential negative publicity by conducting background checks on employees prior to hiring.

Meet your compliance requirements by ensuring you conduct the necessary employment checks on a candidate.

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How Does Sterling Conduct Pre-employment Screening?

  • Going directly to the source to objectively verify your candidate’s claims.
  • Contacting the relevant government authorities, local or national police agencies, and prior employers and referees to create a comprehensive employment verification report with a summary of any identified issues.
  • Leveraging tech-enabled services for simplified client and candidate experiences, robust integrations, and fast turnaround times.

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