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Hire Smarter with Social Media Checks

Social media has become a fundamental way billions of people engage with each other around the world. With social media’s importance in so many people’s lives, it’s not surprising that hiring managers view online content to learn more about their candidates. Social media checks can provide insights that help employers minimise risk and hire better quality candidates.

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Make Better-Informed Hiring Decisions

Performing in-house online searches increases hiring complexity and introduces the potential for hiring bias associated with viewing protected class information, such as religion or disability. Sterling’s tech-enabled social media screening helps employers simplify their hiring processes and reduce risk while simultaneously promoting a more objective approach that avoids protected information.

Sterling leverages advanced technology to examine publicly available online content, including social media and other online sources, for potential misconduct while avoiding protected class details to help reduce bias in hiring decisions.
Our social media checks can be used across hundreds of languages and countries, to help you more easily achieve your hiring goals and foster a foundation of trust and safety for your entire organisation.
Our in-house compliance experts monitor new laws and regulations locally and across the globe to help you keep your program up to date with the changing regulatory environment, enabling you to hire anywhere with confidence.

The Social Media Imperative

With over 60% of the global population on social media, it’s become a norm for hiring managers to perform in-house online content reviews to learn more about their candidates. However, this practice can lead to inconsistent and potentially biased hiring decisions.
Stats of social media lookup
Of hiring managers have passed on candidates due to information found online
Admit to using social media to find answers to illegal interview questions, increasing company risk
Check social media to see if the candidate is a good cultural fit, introducing the potential for bias
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Scalable Social Media Options

Our Social Media screening options provide insight into potential employee or candidate online misconduct. Our checks allow you to:

  • Analyse a candidate or employee's posts, likes, comments, reposts, memes, and images on common social media sources, going back over a period of up to seven years.
  • Search for content related to the candidate or employee in news and webpage online sources.
  • Review reports flagging relevant content with high confidence levels from predefined behavioural categories.
  • Configured to best support your business needs.

Seamless Social Media Screening

Our background check social media search layers innovative advanced automation with human analysis to help you streamline your hiring process.

Search. Advanced automations review publicly available social media posts and online content to help reveal potentially risky conduct associated with your candidate or employee.

Match. We then carefully authenticate discovered content to help increase identification accuracy so you can hire more confidently.

Report. Delivered to the Client Hub in just 1 – 2 days1, our streamlined social media reports contain flagged content that may present a workplace concern for your review.

1 Sterling Corporate Stats, 2023

Enhance Your Screening with Social Media Checks

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