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Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Credit Checks provide insights into the financial viability of the individual or company, including whether they have been declared bankrupt or insolvent in the past, or had any major credit issues.

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Screening for Positions of Trust

In some circumstances, individuals who have been declared bankrupt may not be allowed to hold positions of responsibility. A person can also be disqualified from taking any direct or indirect roles in the management of a company due to bankruptcy.

Stay on Top of Compliance Changes

As a leader in international background screening, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to allow for a complete candidate check program whether they are based locally or across geographical lines. Our diligent compliance updates help keep you and your organisation in the know on regional regulations and any changes within your industry. Designed to fit your company’s unique requirements we provide international background check solutions that keep pace with the ever-changing nature of global hiring programs. Rest assured, your staff might be time zones away, but our regional support teams are local and ready to help your team when and where you need it.
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You expect the people you employ and companies with which you engage to be experienced, trustworthy, and reliable, especially when your company’s finances are involved. We, too, value those qualities and extend our expertise to serve your needs.

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