Faster Hiring with the Concierge Service

A More Personal Approach to Screening
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Streamline the Screening Process

Designed for organisations who want to make the screening process even more convenient for certain candidates or employees, Sterling’s Concierge Service provides an efficient and effective option which simplifies the process and can mitigate potential delays in completing the background check.
The individual is assigned a dedicated screening expert who personally guides them through the process of providing all required information via a conveniently scheduled call. This ensures information is captured quickly and correctly, and the individual can get back to what they do best as soon as possible.

The Concierge Service Enhances the Screening Experience

Simplified Candidate Experience
Your candidate or employee can schedule a call with a member of the Concierge team at a time that suits them to share all necessary information. The Concierge will then complete the forms on the candidate’s behalf, saving valuable time.
Accelerate the Screening Process
We proactively engage with the candidate or employee so that their input can be captured as soon as possible after we receive your order, ensuring the time taken to receive the information is significantly reduced and the background checks can be completed sooner.
Keep Accessibility in Mind
For those that need extra assistance or support when providing the information required to complete a background check, the Concierge Service ensures help is at hand to respond to their needs and provide dedicated support throughout the process.

A Different Approach to Screening for Select Candidates

Capturing All Required Information
All necessary information is collected by a dedicated member of our Concierge team, helping to ensure the most efficient start to the screening process and reducing the need to request missing information.
Personal Screening Expert
The candidate will have a single, trusted point of contact who will provide a personalised, expertly managed experience that fits within the candidate or employee’s schedule.
Flexible and Convenient
We respond to your candidate and employee’s needs throughout the screening process by ensuring they have all the information required to complete the process as quickly and accurately as possible, and at their convenience.

Enhance Your Candidate or Employee Experience with Sterling’s Concierge Service

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