Sterling Named Top Screening/Background Check Provider by Marketplace Risk Solution Provider Excellence Program

May 8th, 2024

Top solution providers, including Sterling, have been recognized for advanced strategies and technologies that bolster the risk management capabilities of marketplaces and digital platforms.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2024 / — Marketplace Risk released the honorees of its annual Solution Provider Excellence Program – recognizing leading figures in risk, trust and safety solutions for online marketplaces and digital platforms. This prestigious initiative supports tech companies by highlighting solution providers with a proven track record and extensive experience in navigating the complex challenges these platforms face.

This year’s honorees offer a wide range of innovative solutions, dedicated to protecting businesses, customers, and stakeholders from today’s dynamic business risks. These organizations have continually set new standards by developing advanced strategies and technologies that bolster the risk management capabilities of marketplaces and digital platforms.

The Program’s stringent selection process, managed by the Marketplace Risk Advisory Board, evaluates nominees on several criteria, including case studies that showcase customer satisfaction and significant contributions to marketplace and digital platform enhancement.

Jeremy Gottschalk, Founder of Marketplace Risk, stated, “The Solution Provider Excellence Program distinctly mirrors the vital role these solution providers play in boosting the trust, safety, and security of marketplaces and digital platforms across various sectors. Our honorees excel at devising solutions that tackle complex challenges and support business resilience in a risk-heavy global market.”

This year’s recipients are not only leaders in their fields but are also committed to ongoing improvement and innovation. They leverage data-driven insights, advanced analytics, and the latest technologies to equip businesses with essential tools for proactive risk identification, assessment, and mitigation.

Marketplace Risk serves as an essential platform for education, networking, and collaboration among industry experts, leaders, and innovators. The Solution Provider Excellence Program allows honorees to showcase their achievements, share their insights, and drive excellence in risk management, trust & safety, regulatory compliance, technology innovation and legal strategies.

As businesses face increasingly complex challenges in today’s global marketplace, the honorees of the Solution Provider Excellence Program stand as beacons of success. They provide innovative solutions that enable businesses to confidently navigate through uncertainties. All of the honorees will be present at this year’s Marketplace Risk Management Conference (SF, May 14-16).

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Marketplace Risk Solution Provider Excellence Program Honorees

Payment Platforms / Financial Services: Trolley
Fraud Prevention / Chargebacks: EverC, Unit21
Screening / Background Checks: Sterling
General Trust & Safety: ActiveFence, Thorn
Multi-Vendor Platform: randevu GmbH
Content Moderation: Stream

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Marketplace Risk is the leading global resource for marketplaces and digital platforms, offering a wealth of tools to learn, network, and share knowledge about risk management, trust & safety, regulatory compliance, technology innovation and legal strategies. The organization hosts global conferences, including the Marketplace Risk Management Conference in San Francisco (May 14-16, 2024) and the Marketplace Risk Global Summit in London (Nov 12-14, 2024), along with extensive virtual content, a private community, and numerous other resources designed to help these platforms launch, grow, and excel.

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